Apple jelly 

Apple ketchup

Apple-blackberry crumble

Apple-chocolate bread pudding

Black crowberry clafoutis

Butter & buttermilk

Cheese course

Chive flower mayonnaise

Chive pancakes & dipping sauce 

Clover and rose petal syrup

Cod and crab burgers

Cod and scallop ceviche

Crackers: Potato crackers and sourdough crackers

Dandelion capers

Dandelion-infused vodka/ dandelion martini

Dandelion green saute with cranberry beans

Dandelion pesto

Dandelion pizza dough/ dandelion pizza

Dal (daal / dahl) with rice cakes

Dried apples

Dutch baby pancake with spiced apples

Fish & chips: Indian-spiced/pakora battered, Seed-crusted salt cod/ parsnip & carrot chips


Iceberg Beer Michelada & Iceberg Beer-garita

Lamb and broad bean (fava) stew

Lavender ice cream

Lentil breakfast pizza

Moose buns (steamed)

Moose curry

Moose pho

Moose stew

Nasturtium leaf dolmades

Nuts roasted in olive oil

Oven fries

Pasta, from scratch

Pasta sauce: Smoked Fish Vodka Sauce

Pea soup

Peanut salsa

Polenta (fried)

Praline pecans

Quail au vin

Red Fife wheat burger buns

Rhubarb cocktails: sangria, royale, daiquiri

Rhubarb cordial

Rhubarb ketchup

Rice cakes with dal

Risotto with chanterelles


Shrimp tacos

Sourdough bread

Spruce and buttermilk drizzle cakes

Stinging nettle cooked in red wine

Sugar plums


Tamarind sauce

Tea-smoked cod



Wild yeast sourdough starter

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