Finding Food


Microgreens: Plant thickly, eat your thinning


How to select dandelion leaves and dandelion buds

Identifying clover and wild rose

Mushroom hunting: chanterelles

Seaside foraging:  scotch lovage and seaside plantain (goose tongue), black crowberry

Late summer : currants, blueberries, blackberries, apples, beaked hazelnut

Wild yeast from feral apples

Identify and handle stinging nettles

Spruce tips and juniper berries


Be charming and grateful so that friends, neighbours and coworkers will give you moose

Finding and using washed up bits of icebergs

Buying Local

Fish from a roadside truck

Restaurants that serve local, seasonal, home grown and home made
The Bonavista Peninsula: Two Whales Coffee Shop and Bonavista Social Club

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